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Let Freedom Ring Out!

There is little argument that freedom is one of the basic human rights that is desired by all people, throughout the ages, regardless of race, religion or ethnic background. And yet, throughout history, it is well documented that it has been very difficult for many to achieve it. In our modern era, one of the most famous prisoners that were ultimately set free is Nelson Mandela. This exceptional man went from a prison inmate, locked up for almost 3 decades, to the president of the country that had incarcerated him. His inspiring story says a lot about the indomitable human spirit and how events can unexpectedly turned to one’s favour.

Exceptional Difference

South Africa is a different place thanks to the bravery of not only this exceptional leader, but all those who persistently kept faith that their lot would improve one day. And the scene of Mandela’s epic struggle is very near South Africa’s most visited city, the fabulous Cape Town. Tucked away in the southwest tip of Africa, it is blessed with both breath-taking natural beauty, as well as a temperate and pleasant climate, making it perfect for a trip at any time of the year.


Whatever is Your Pleasure

Getting to Cape Town is a very simple process. Flights to Cape Town are within anyone’s means and with just a few time zones’ difference from United Kingdom, there is no jet lag. Once you have arrived, there are many different options to choose from, according to your own individual tastes and desires.

Top Town Tips:

  • Enjoy the salty sting of ocean air? There are plenty of beaches just minutes away, where you will be able to leisurely pass a day under the sun, or even go for a swim, or attempt something a little more arduous like surfing. If you get tired of one beach then do not fear as there are several more to choose from, just minutes away.
  • Perhaps you’re more attracted to breath-taking natural settings. In this case, head for Table Mountain. You can’t miss it, as it hangs over the city like a giant Renaissance fresco. If you’re feeling spry, you can actually take a winding trail up the mountain. If you don’t want to put in so much effort, you can take the Table Mountain Cableway.
  • Grab a car and take the scenic route. Follow Chapman’s Peak Drive, and catch spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean and the nearby mountains
  • Perhaps you’d like to spend a little time sightseeing around downtown Cape Town. No problem! Many visitors find the area at the main docks of Cape Town, more formally known as the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront, quite enchanting. Not only do they enjoy seeing the various ferries come and go, but they appreciate the many restaurants, bars and shops that ring the waterfront, giving them plenty of activities to relax and refresh themselves with. Once renewed, they can visit the spectacular Two Ocean Aquariums
  • Take a look at history. From the waterfront, you can easily take a quick ferry to Robben Island, where Nelson Mandela, among other political prisoners, was imprisoned.
  • If architecture holds a particular interest for you, you’ve come to the right place. Cape Town has the best examples of a unique style known as Cape Dutch, which combines European influences with a local flair all of its own. The city’s architecture is so unique that it has been named the World Design Capital for 2014.


Flights to Cape Town are far more affordable than you might think and so now is the time to plan your next great adventure. With so many beautiful natural attractions, as well as a vibrant nightlife and welcoming, friendly people, Cape Town should be on your priority list of places to visit.

Latest Divorce Rates in South Africa

South African is a particularly complicated society where both traditional or customary law and modern law are given a voice and a place in the legal procedures of the country. 186,522 marriages were registered in 2008 in South Africa, this is significant because not all marriages are registered in South Africa. The number of registered marriages has increased over the last decade, this could be attributed to a number of factors. On the one hand there has been an improvement of access to the home affairs offices where marriages are registered. On the other hand, since the end of Apartheid marriages that would previously have been regulated under the administration of the homelands have been transferred to home affairs. The increase in the number of registered marriages says more about administration than it does about the rate of marriage in South Africa.

The number of divorces that have been granted varies between 37,098 and 28,924 per year. The division of divorce rates between population groups shows that the highest rate of divorce is found in the African population. The rate of divorce in the white population has declined in the last decade.


In South Africa, as mentioned there are two kinds of marriage: customary and civil. In both cases the marriage is dissolved through a divorce, which will enable both parties to marry again should they wish to. While divorce is common to both forms of marriage the process which is followed is slightly different. A civil marriage is dissolved along the rules set down in the Divorce Act. This act outlines the rules, procedures and regulations involved in dissolving civil marriage.

A customary marriage is dissolved in the same way as a civil marriage however some of the consequences of the dissolution of the marriage are directed by tradition. In other religious groups such as the Muslim community or the Hindi community, a marriage will be dissolved according to the particular religious rites set down by the respective religion.

A marriage, as a partnership between two people, will mean more than just the separation of their physical bodies. The majority of marriages result in offspring and in the case of a divorce the question of who retains custody of the children will need to be dissolved. Not only who retains custody of the children is in question but who will have access to the kids, who will provide maintenance of the children and finally how the property of the marriage will be divided.

A divorce is a legal procedure, but it is certainly also an emotional rollercoaster. The marriage will have started out as an emotional relationship and it would be foolish to think that the end of the relationship will not be as emotional. A divorce can also be expensive, it is a legal matter and you will need legal help. For all these reasons it is in your best interests to make sure that a marriage is in fact at an end before you begin divorce proceedings.

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