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Dating Tips For Seniors

Be Thorough

Complete your profile and don't leave any blank spaces. People want to read what you have to say for yourself and will be interested in learning a little about you, so you profile should offer enough information to elicit a response but not your life story.

Be Active

Log in often and show that you're an active member who is keen to make new connections with others. Exchange messages and chat to others. Online dating is like any other form of socialising; to get the most out of it you have to put some effort into it.

Be Brave

If you see someone you like, let them know! Be the first to make contact, be friendly, or flirty if you like. Everyone's a little shy to begin with but there's no need. By the time you've exchanged a few messages you'll have forgotten any nerves and will be chatting like a veteran.

Be Courteous

"Do as you would be done by." If someone sends you a wink, message, or gift, send a reply. There's no commitment implied by being courteous and we're sure that if you take the trouble to send messages to others you would like to think they would respond too.

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